We identify external security weaknesses in organizations, strengthening the IT environment from outside of the organization. We use the same tools and procedures as external attackers (Crackers & Malware) to gain unauthorized access to the company.


First Stage


- IP info

- Whois

- Port scanning nmap

- Certificates

- Search for existing protocols

- Listing of domains and sub-domains

- Directories

- Content search

- Technologies used

Second Stage

- Search for vulnerabilities: the information is taken from the previous stage to search for vulnerabilities in the site(s).

Third Stage

- Exploitation of vulnerabilities. According to Owasp’s cheat sheet as found in phase two. Mostly manual exploitation, with some automated activities.

Fourth Stage

- Technical report of vulnerabilities, with categorization, severity score according to MITRE, description of the impact, detail of the reproduction steps and images captured as proof of the vulnerability. Certain recommendations are included.

Fifth Stage

- Progressive awareness, user hardening and threat modelling

work focus

Offensive security

Ethical hacking

Vulnerability assessments in Infraestructure

Social engineering


We detect external threats

The client can visualize the risk and, together, we create a safer digital environment. After the process of both internal and external penetration testing, and the process of remediation, we achieve more transparency in the system.

We Secure Digital Environments

We achieve that the systems show transparency after a process of internal penetration testing.

We act immediately

We reduce the average detection and response time by providing a solution according to the complexity of the incident.


Today, we see more vulnerabilities in systems, especially externally that organizations cannot be exempt.Think about your customers, especially your image and your data.

Get a demo of our analysis of penetration test on your systems.


Why Us?

We know that security nowadays faces great challenges, and that is why provide a SPECIALIZED SERVICE, making sure that the activity of the systems is not compromised and is increasingly strengthened. WE ARE DEDICATED TO PROTECTING THE WORLD’S INFORMATION in order to ensure the safeguarding of everyone’s data.

We are part of a chain of companies that TRUST IN OUR SERVICE, allowing us to work in SAFE AND PROTECTED ENVIRONMENTS 24/7.

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