We identify security weaknesses in organizations, review security policies and correct all typs of security issues/problems, strengthening a secure computer environment. We use the same tools and procedures as external attackers (Crackers & Malware) to gain unauthorized access to the company.

In this way, we measure the impact and document everything that is developed in the security analysis process. Internal penetretation test conducts an audit of the company's Firewalls, On-Premise Websites, in Azure and AWS gradually.


First Stage

- Sign and Agreement (NDA)

Second Stage

- Request information from the digital environment

Third Stage

- Start the internal analysis process

Fourth Stage

- Final report

- Vulnerabilities present in the systems

- How to exploit these vulnerabilities from the Hacker's point of view

- Documentation and information about these vulnerabilities

- How to solve these vulnerabilities

- Digital risk managment

Fifth Stage

- Remediation: fix all the issues/problems that have been identified during the process

Sixth Stage

- Progressive awareness, user hardening and threat modelling

work focus

Offensive security

Ethical hacking

Vulnerability assessments in Infraestructure

Social engineering


We Detect Internal Threats

We identify high, medium and low risk levels and user privileges. This way, the client can visualize the risk and, together, we can create a safer digital environment.

We Secure Digital Environments

We identify high, medium and low risk levels and user privileges. That way the client can visualize his real risk and create safe digital environments together. After the process of both internal and external penetration testing, and the process of remediation, we achieve more transparency in the system.

We act immediately

We reduce the average detection and response time by providing a solution according to the complexity of the incident


Nowadays, we observe more vulnerabilities in systems and users, that is why as everything, in security as in life, the most difficult weaknesses to point out are our own. Think about your customers, user data, intellectual property, it's time to start keeping it safe.

Get a demo of our analysis of penetration test on your systems.


Why Us?

We know that security nowadays faces great challenges, and that is why provide a SPECIALIZED SERVICE, making sure that the activity of the systems is not compromised and is increasingly strengthened. WE ARE DEDICATED TO PROTECTING THE WORLD’S INFORMATION in order to ensure the safeguarding of everyone’s data.

We are part of a chain of companies that TRUST IN OUR SERVICE, allowing us to work in SAFE AND PROTECTED ENVIRONMENTS 24/7.

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